Shoreline is located about 10 miles north of Seattle. Its prime location along the Puget Sound and the lake offers many beach opportunities for public use. It is known for its stunning beaches, trees, natural terrain parks, trails, and great schools. Shoreline does not have a designated downtown area, but many of the 14 neighborhoods hold events, volunteer opportunities and more.


  • Population

    About 56,900 people as of 2020.

  • Home Ownership

    66.7% homes are owner-occupied (according to Census data).

  • Walk-ability / Bike-ability

    Walk Score of 50/100.  Bike Score of 49/100 (according to

  • School District

    Shoreline School District


  • Ballinger
  • Briarcrest
  • Echo Lake
  • Highland Terrace
  • The Highlands
  • Hillwood
  • Innis Arden
  • Meridian Park
  • North City
  • Parkwood
  • Richmond Beach
  • Richmond Highlands
  • Ridgecrest
  • Westminster Triangle

Interesting Places To Visit:

Boeing Creek Park and Shoreview Park are approximately 88 acres of land which borders Shoreline Community College. Boeing Creek Park consists of primarily forested areas, while Shoreview Park features a number of recreational facilities, such as an off-leash area for dogs, soccer fields, baseball fields, and tennis courts.


Kruckeberg Botanic Garden is a public garden full of plants native to the Pacific Northwest region. Established in 1958 the garden is home to many different unusual species from several other lands, all set within a park-like, wooded atmosphere. The 4-acre Kruckeberg Botanic Garden offers guests a chance to view over 2000 species of plants.


Shoreline Historical Museum was founded in 1976 as part of a Bicentennial Project for the preservation of the historic area’s heritage. Visitors can stop by the history museum to learn more about the Shoreline area, explore several different ongoing museum exhibits, such as Discovery Trunks, traveling exhibits, Hands-On Days, and more.

Richmond Highlands Lumber Company at 185th and Aurora. This was later the location of Dunn Lumber.

Hamlin Park is Shoreline’s oldest and largest park is home to many 100-year old second-growth trees. Hamlin Park is a popular recreation area for local residents and there is a network of hiking/walking trails to explore and are suitable for children and dogs.


Richmond Beach Community Park has about 5 picnic areas to sit and have a nice meal while overlooking the beach below, there is a playground and lots of parking. There is a beach below the parking which can be accessed by walking over a bridge and down the steps. There is plenty of space to put down a towel and sunbathe or there is a fire pit for evening visits.